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Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance Free Download !!BETTER!!

??"A mix of FPS & action RPG from the 90s, & a libre compatible engine"??.The Witches of Char are dead. Still, their legacy of evil lives on in your own homeland. Now, once again, you must arm yourself for battle. More foes, more realms, and more ways to die await you. Put your soul at risk in Witchaven II.BuildGDX engine: BuildGDX is a port of the Build Engine games based on Java's LibGDX framework v1.9.10.Currently, it supports Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, Redneck Rampage, Shadow Warrior, Witchaven, Witchaven2, Legend of the Seven Paladins, TekWar, and Powerslave/Exhumed. I'm planning to port Fate, WW2GI in the future releases.?️ Wikipedia: Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance is a fantasy-themed first-person shooter video game released in 1996 by Capstone Software as a sequel to 1995's Witchaven. Just as its predecessor, it uses the Build engine. It was Capstone's last proprietary game before they and their parent company Intracorp went bankrupt. In Witchaven II, the player controls the returning knight Grondoval, the hero of the first game, as he is trying to stop an evil witch from carrying a titular blood vengeance in revenge for him having slain her sister in the original game. It received generally negative reviews, with criticism directed at its controls, enemy AI, and general mediocrity as compared to other first-person shooters coming out at the time. GameplayThe sequel's gameplay system is very similar but features some other improvements over the first game, such as possibility to wield two weapons (one in each hand) and to hold a shield in the non-weapon hand. Compared with the previous game the level of difficulty was also increased and the graphics were partially refined. Unlike the first game in the series it came with the Build level editor which meant that the players were able to create their own levels. Unlike in the first game, most enemies are men instead of monsters.PlotWitchaven II takes place after the events of the first game, when the forces of darkness were triumphed over: the witch queen Illwhyrin was destroyed in her lair in the isle of Char and the evil curse was lifted. During the victory party celebrating the destruction of Witchaven, the hero of the game, Grondoval, falls into a slumber. After awaking, he is told by the mysterious female golden dragon named Ikethsti that the great witch Cirae-Argoth, one of the most powerful of Nether-Reaches Order of Witches, has arrived to avenge the death of her sister. An army of demons and Argothonian clansmen has abducted Grondoval's beloved princess Elizabeth and the other people of his homeland Stazhia to exact the titular blood vengeance and now it is only up to Grondoval to try and rescue his countrymen before they will all be gone forever. His new quest is fight his way to find and vanquish Cirae-Argoth, thwarting her plot, and to capture the Horned Skull item which would then contain her evil powers forever. The story is told in the intro sequence and further explained in the game's manual.After killing Cirae-Argoth, the game ends with a cinematic sequence showing her corpse turn into a skeleton, which then suddenly rises and attempts to flee while laughing until it's hit and shattered by Grondoval's magic missile. Grondoval loses consciousness and awakens in a different location. The dragon Ikethsti arrives again to tell a cryptic message, saying the whole plot was really an elaborate set up as Cirae-Argoth was not her real master and Grondoval's kindred has never disappeared; it was actually only Grondoval who has vanished. (This scene directly contradicts much of what was written in the game's manual, including text beyond the introduction section) Ikethsti also tells him his trials are far from over, and they will see each other again (apparently hinting at another sequel that has never arrived). In the final scene, the witch's skull swallows a butterfly and vanishes into the ground while ominous music plays. Computer Gaming World, baffled by the ending cutscene, included it in their 1996 list of the least rewarding endings of all time.Reception(...)

Witchaven II: Blood Vengeance Free Download



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