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Healthy Granola To Buy

Granola is considered a healthy cereal (via Healthline). According to a report published by the CDC, people in the 2- to 19-year-old age group consume the most cereal. If you're a consumer, you might be accustomed to paying attention to the contents of the various kinds of cereal.

healthy granola to buy

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Purely Elizabeth has been acclaimed as one of the best natural food brands. The brand's granola is manufactured with a blend of whole grains and nuts. The Ancient Grain variety is sweetened with natural coconut sugar. One of the best selling points for this granola is that all the ingredients are organic. There are no artificial flavors, and the product is gluten-free.

Wildway Granola: As the brand often proffers, welcome to the wild way of life. The products of this brand are super healthy, which is apparent just by perusing the nutrition label. Considering the recommended percent Daily Values recommended by the FDA, this granola could very well be your go-to brand. The brand replaced the gluten in this granola by removing the grains from its ingredients. Yet, this is one of the healthiest store-bought granolas.

Kellogg's is a well-known brand that has served its consumers for years. While the brand's line of products is suitable for some, it may be considered unhealthy for several reasons. The first issue is that the granola is not gluten-free, which means it's made with whole grains that have gluten (such as barley and rye) or manufactured in facilities where gluten foods are processed.

The attractive packaging of the Sunbelt Bakery Granola calls out to any consumer. However, not even the name or box can blind anyone who cares enough to check that it doesn't make the cut regarding healthy granola options.

According to journalist & Author Micheal Pollan, if it comes from a plant, you should eat it. However, if it's actually made in a plant, you might not want to eat it. If you would like to consume foods in their natural form, you should definitely Go Raw! This granola maker provides one of the healthiest granola made from sprouted seeds, hence the name "Sprouted Granola." The brand's website claims that sprouting enables its products to be better absorbed and releases all the natural nutrients locked within the seeds.

Who doesn't love a good bowl of Quaker oats? Well, the famous brand's granola is also lovable if you don't mind consuming many calories in one sitting. Sugar is the third ingredient listed on a packet of Quaker Simply Granola, which points to just how unhealthy it is. Downing bowls of this granola every morning may not serve your health.

Any consumer who has eclectic tastes and likes to try different granola brands should try the Bob's Red Mill granola. This granola stands out because the company has been up and running since 1978. The brand's Peanut Butter Homestyle granola has less than 6 grams of sugar, trace amounts of sodium, and just enough fiber. At the same time, the classic granola contains more sugar, more protein and fiber, and even more carbs.

Since Alter Eco was founded in 2005, it has busied itself with releasing food that is healthy for the mind, body, and soil, as is boldly stated on its website. This Cinnamon Raisin Organic Granola has been listed as one of the best no-sugar granola options available. The brand's efforts to make clean and green products are certainly paying off, as it has maintained a strict no-sugar policy.

At first glance, this granola might look just okay. But on closer scrutiny, one can see that it is deficient in fiber. Not only is it low in fiber, but it also has as much as 7 grams of added sugar, depending on the flavor. It wouldn't be wrong to assume it is delicious granola, with sugary-sweet being the top or only note.

Michele Tsucalas started her food company when she sold her products at a farmers' market in Maryland. Her granola line has a unique homemade taste with different flavors to enjoy. Michele's Original Granola is a favorite among many. Today, it's available in many flavors like lemon pistachio and ginger hemp, among others.

On the surface, granola seems like the perfect healthy snack: it's loaded with rolled oats, nuts and seeds high in omega-3s, and tasty-but-good-for-you sweets like dark chocolate, dried cranberries, and raisins.

In reality, finding healthy granola is pretty difficult. Many store brands are loaded with sugar, turning your "healthy" snack into something resembling a dessert. Plus, nutritionists agree that portion control is tricky when it comes to serving up the right amount.

"Granola can be a great source of fiber, protein, and healthy fat, all important nutrients to include at meals and snacks for weight management and blood sugar control," says Lainey Younkin, MS, RD, registered dietitian at Lainey Younkin Nutrition.

Finally, the convenience of granola is tough to beat: many brands sell granola in single-serve pouches or packets, making it easy to grab one on the go, and even brands sold in larger portions can be broken down into small, portable sizes in reusable containers.

According to Harvard Health, planning meals and snacks in advance can help dieters better manage their weight and lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. That means granola can be a valuable snack to have in your weight-loss toolbox if you choose the right kind.

The key to finding the healthiest granola is knowing what to look for on the nutrition label. Nutritionists recommend keeping an eye on three things: sugar content, serving size, and whole grains. And it wouldn't hurt if the granola was low-calorie, as well.

If you've asked yourself "is KIND granola healthy?" before, let us answer your question. Gorin recommends this brand because its first ingredient is oats, not sugar. With sweet blueberry clusters and omega-3-rich flax seeds, it's tasty and healthy. If you opt for a two-thirds cup serving (double the nutrition information for the "snack size" above), you get five grams of protein, eight grams of fiber, and a boost of heart-healthy fats.

Younkin eats this low-calorie granola brand pretty much exclusively, sprinkling the pumpkin cinnamon variety over plain Greek yogurt or eating it with almond milk as a nighttime snack or after-dinner treat.

Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, author of Belly Fat Diet For Dummies, also recommends the Purely Elizabeth brand. "I love that this granola incorporates ancient grains and uses only nutrient-dense coconut sugar as a sweetener," she explains. "With two grams of fiber and three grams of protein per serving, it's filling while having fewer calories than many other brands."

Palinski-Wade says that Bob's Red Mill granola is a nutritional home run. Each serving has seven grams of sugar or less, plus whole grain fiber and protein. The brand is also free of gluten, soy, dairy, and egg, and is Non-GMO Project-verified.

"In addition to protein and fiber, you get a good amount of iron from this granola, as well as some potassium and calcium," explains Gorin. "Plus, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a food that will actually help fill you up!"

The Bakery on Main granola isn't messing around with whole grains: Gorin likes this one because it's made with ingredients like navy beans, brown rice, millet, sunflower seeds, and almonds. With that kind of roster, you not only get two grams each of protein and fiber in every serving, you also get heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats.

The serving size for this granola isn't huge (only cup), but everything else about it totally hits the nutritionist mark: it's got four grams of sugar and protein, two grams of fiber, and a star-studded whole grain lineup of almonds, pecans, and pepitas mixed with oh-so-yummy dried apple and coconut.

"This blend of nuts, seeds, and brown rice is sweetened naturally with stevia and provides five grams of filling fiber per serving," she says. "With only four grams of net carbs, it's a great way to satisfy a craving for granola without spiking blood sugar levels."

Palinski-Wade likes that the main ingredient in this granola is whole grains, but unfortunately, the sugar content is way too high. It packs in 12 grams per -cup, the equivalent of about three teaspoons, making it higher in sugar than she would generally recommend.

What I like about Go Raw granola is its simplicity and healthy high quality ingredients," says Moon. "This variety contains organic sprouted buckwheat groats and organic sprouted flaxseed, and that's it. If I'm craving something sweet to the mix, I'll have it with yogurt and fresh fruit."

I like this as a snacking granola because it satisfies on both the sweet and savory front, but does it naturally through dried fruit, roasted nuts, and flavorful spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla bean," says Moon. "There are no added sweeteners, so you can be confident that the sweetness comes from within natural whole foods."

What dietary restrictions must be accommodated in whatever granola you choose? Do you need a vegan, paleo, or low-carb granola? This is where those health claims on the package can actually be helpful in narrowing down your search!

What granola will you enjoy? What do you really want to taste and eat? As my relationship with food evolves, this factor moves closer to the top of my list of things to consider. A huge part of having a healthy relationship with food is enjoying what I eat, and giving myself permission to eat the foods that I enjoy.

Welcome to mind over munch! Being healthy is hard! But this community, which is built around evidence-based mindfulness and nutrition, always prioritizes supporting you in a compassionate and meaningful way.

When looking from the outside, granola seems to be the perfect snack or breakfast option. Granola is loaded with the goodness of oats, seeds, nuts and plenty of other delicious garnishes like dried berries, chocolate chunks, coconut flakes and whatnots.

Fortunately, there are some brands that are actually focusing on providing the healthiest breakfast option to their consumers in the form of low-sugar and high-fiber granolas made from wholesome ingredients. 041b061a72


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