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Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers

Pixel Art Museum: A Collection of Classic and Modern Pixel Artworks

I have no intention of stopping ;)For the seventh day of my Doom pixelart streak I decided to go with something completely different in terms of style.I won't make em daily now once I've reached that seven day goal I set myself, that was pretty exhausting some days, but I'll keep on making em none the less.


I don't know what it is, but my pixelart looks really pixelated and wierdly optimized. I've turned off compression and filters, but still, something isn't right. Any help would be appreciated! btw this problem only occurs on rotated sprites.

I want to create pixelart sprites for my game, but instead of drawing them, I want to render them with blender. Is it possible to make render like these ? I think about this flat shading and outline black lines.

Hi, I'm Toni and I'm working in an iOS and Android Game called Dan the Man (It's free, go ahead ?). It's a pixelart game but I want to explain why we decided to use Spine in some point and the advantages and inconveniencies I found along the process. English is not my native idiom so please excuse me for possible mistakes.

I have to confess I was really negative about using Spine with pixelart. Animations with linear interpolations and deforming pieces is the opposite of pixelart as you will know. But I tried anyway. After testing and trying several things I found how to make it feel like the other sprites and I wanted to share with you the process.

First of all, the game was nearly done with regular pixelart frame by frame animations but we wanted to add a customizable character that could wear and combine a lot of different pieces. Our playable characters have a lot of frames because of combat combos and special moves so draw every frame was too expensive. So, hello Spine!

It's easy to see the wrong things in the spine character after reading this or analyzing closely, but the general feeling is as an usual pixelart sprite moving around. People didn't notice this (also we are using this skeleton for some enemies too) so I think it's good news! ?

The decision of having the minimum number of parts was for the creation of costumes but, how to decide which are the minimum? Rotation is the evil in pixelart as you will know but I couldn't avoid this in order to keep the minimum so I decided to draw only the pieces that we would see in static position for long time.

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Take a selfie with the pegs and hang it up in the house like a painting. Framed and viewed from the right distance, it looks like a real photograph.Try your hand, it's easy! Go to and follow the instructions step by step.1. Choose the size "4 tablets" that you can make with 1 Pixel Art 4 Take a Selfie box.2. Upload the image: it can be a selfie or another image.3. Print the boards after downloading the pdf.4. Make your picture with pegs: cut out the cards, place them on the board and insert the pegs.


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