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Kim Junggi 2011 Sketch Collection Art Book _TOP_ Download

Kim Jung Gi is a Korean art instructor, cartoonist, and animator. This is the second of his five massive self-published sketchbooks that everyone has been talking about. This massive 650+ page tome is made up primarily of drawings and sketches. 122 pages reproduce actual sketchbook spreads. There are also almost 100 pages of comic book pages, character designs, and illustrations.

Kim Junggi 2011 Sketch Collection Art Book Download

Update 13 Nov 2011: Found out from DrBlack (another art book blogger) that there are pirated copies of the book floating around. So don't buy from mysterious sources. There are tips on how you can spot the original editions from the links above.

I'm so happy :) it arrived today, and it is an amazing book full of sketches (the format reminded me of Katsuya Terada's Rakuga King). A lot of amazing drawings there.The only thing I'm not happy about is that I paid a looooot more than 60 USD for it.

It's mostly pencil/pen sketches, with a bit of watercolor here and there. I actually recommended to David that he contact Parka's blog about this book. He is a very reputable seller, and though the shipping from Korea is a bit pricey, it is appropriate for the type of shipping, weight and distance.

Got my copy of the book today, I first contacted David last week and it's been a really fast and easy transaction. Shipping to Australia cost me about usd53. Worth every penny, I love this book to pieces! Very inspirational, I'm going to have to get his reprinted 2007 collection as well when it comes out. Thanks so much for this article, if it weren't for this blog I would have never heard of him!C.

I got my book from David! He takes paypal which offers a level of reassurance (vs. paying by wire transfer or western union for example). I am also waiting on the reprinted 2007 collection. Kim Jung Gi is amazing - I love sketchbooks so this was a great treasure to find.

I received my copy of the 2011 sketchbook today. It's even more massive than I expected! There's a lot of white space in the book, but I don't see that as a negative. The sketches range from very loose, almost ghosted images, to full watercolor renders. Content ranges from nudes / anatomy / sexuality to military / day-in-the-life / comical. The artist has a great style and quality of line, and he plays with proportions very well. His work is simply amazing; I think it will be studying his style for a long time to come.

I highly recommend this book, but probably won't let my son thumb through it any time soon. This is a shining star in my art book collection. I'll be looking into purchasing his 2007 Sketchbook once it's available.


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