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Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers

Download VCHNG Rar ((LINK))

I've decided to create a new topic to collect all examples how to handle GTASA memory via SCM.If you don't understand what is written there, maybe it's not yours. I'll try to explain more things later by editing this post.All codes are written in Sanny Builder v2.99. To get it working, you should download the latest version of SB. =211077All codes are tested in San Andreas v1.0 US. Memory addresses could be different in other versions. If something is not working, be sure you use the version I said.1.Now, we have three ways to handle the game memory .1. Initial memory handling way was published in this topicStat opcodes provide limited memory access to locations near the stat pools. It allows to make things like changing the player's money, for example.Advantages:- the only opcode is usingDisadvantages- memory range is very limited, many useful addresses are inaccesible.2. Second way: using the Xieon's patch, that changes three opcodes in gta-sa.exe and provides extremely wide possibilities for game memory handling.DownloadAdvantages:- all game addresses are accessible- possibility to protect a memory region with VirtualProtect to rewrite itDisadvantages- requires exe patching; may not work with different versions (but in fact, I did not see any messages that the patch is working incorrectly).3. Third way: using the SA arrays to get an access to any addresses in range of 0..FFFFFFFF. Initially was posted there.Advantages:- all game addresses are accessible- easy to use- nothing especial required; scm-based solutionDisadvantages- some of addresses still coudn't be rewritable (because of AccessViolation Error).2.For the last way, there are three routines to read/write values to the specified address:(briefly, so far).

Download VCHNG rar

Also bear in mind when I started working with these "hooks" I had NO idea how to program with C++. Some would say I still don't; have a look at Spookie's SCM mod thread here somewhere and watch random_download try to explain asm stuff to me. I, of course, failed spectacularly, but that's another story. 041b061a72


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