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Adriana Hoffmann Flora Silvestre de Chile Zona Araucana PDF Download

Adriana Hoffmann is a Chilean botanist and environmentalist who has written several books on the native flora of Chile. One of her most popular works is Flora Silvestre de Chile, a series of illustrated guides for the identification of the most common plant species in different regions of the country.

The first volume of the series, Flora Silvestre de Chile Zona Central, was published in 1979 and covers the central zone of Chile, from the Atacama Desert to the Maule River. The second volume, Flora Silvestre de Chile Zona Araucana, was published in 1997 and covers the araucanian zone of Chile, from the Maule River to the Reloncaví Sound. The third volume, Flora Silvestre de Chile Zona Austral, was published in 2003 and covers the austral zone of Chile, from the Reloncaví Sound to Cape Horn.

Download File:

The books are intended for students, teachers, naturalists, tourists, and anyone interested in learning more about the rich and diverse flora of Chile. They contain detailed descriptions, illustrations, photographs, maps, and keys for the identification of more than 500 species of trees, shrubs, and lianas that grow in the wild. They also include information on the ecology, distribution, uses, and conservation status of each species.

If you are looking for a PDF download of Flora Silvestre de Chile Zona Araucana, you can find it online at [Open Library] or [Open Library]. However, we recommend that you buy a physical copy of the book from a local bookstore or online retailer, as this will support the author and publisher. You can also check out other books by Adriana Hoffmann at [Fundación Claudio Gay], a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting scientific research and education on Chilean biodiversity.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and learning more about the amazing flora of Chile!

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