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Jack Sanders
Jack Sanders

Amped Five Software

I am a Forensics Examiner in Cyprus Police Criminalistic Services. I use Amped FIVE on a daily basis and honestly, I cannot imagine myself working without it! Really awesome software, great workflow, great filters, plays and converts everything, great tools for analysis and most importantly the report is the most useful tool for the court!Adamos Adamou, Cyprus Police Criminalistic Services

Amped Five Software

[...] That was some of the best training I have ever received. The examples were real life cases and very relatable. The instruction was done in a clear and concise manner, and I now feel confident in my understanding of how the software works and explaining my processes in court.Derek Williams, Certified Forensic Video Analyst, Durham Police, Ontario, Canada

Amped Authenticate is a photo analysis software for forensic image authentication and tamper detection. With a single tool, several tests can be performed to determine if an image has been manipulated as well as verify if a photo was taken from a specific device.

FIVE is the most complete forensic software for enhancing and analyzing images and videos during investigations. A single tool to analyze crime scene photos, enhance surveillance and intelligence video and more, with a workflow compatible with forensic needs and constraints.

Amped FIVE is the most complete image and video forensics software, acclaimed for its reliability and workflow efficiency. Amped FIVE was designed to answer the need in providing solid, scientific-based forensic image and video enhancement for worldwide legal systems. Image and video analysts worldwide have contributed to the development of the software used today, ensuring all aspects of the investigation process can be completed within a single application. Developed specifically for forensics, public safety and national security, this all-in-one solution has more than 140 filters and tools, to convert, process, enhance, analyze, present and document images and videos.

Amped FIVE is the most complete image and video analysis software for managing the entire workflow, from conversion, to analysis, enhancement, redaction or spotlight, and report generation. With its workflow and documentation, it guarantees a scientific process that is accurate, repeatable and reproducible.

It is the only software of its kind that automatically generates a report containing every filter used, the detailed explanation, the settings, and (when applicable) the peer-reviewed scientific source for the filter. This reporting feature is extremely valuable to validate the integrity of the digital evidence in order to be admissible in court.

Choosing the right software solution and coupling it with training to ensure you learn to properly use that solution is not always an easy process within government agencies and large organizations. Even estimating the optimal number of licenses of each solution for a lab is not always straightforward as it should be. For this reason, we are offering different subscription bundles to give you easy access to several tools and training seats at very convenient prices. Why choose, if you can have it all?

If you want to get Amped Replay into the hands of all investigators and also get them up to speed on the basics of properly handling and investigating video evidence, then this bundle is for you. It equips a large number of officers with the software and provides them with private online training.

It only seems like yesterday that we published the last update to Amped FIVE, announcing the release of many time-based tools and filters. Here we are again, bringing several very popular requests into the software, with another very important update. To start with we have Blank Video, allowing the creation of video frames to be used for titling, or to fill gaps caused by missing frames in a timeline. This update though has a large emphasis on audio. Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME) now often consists of both video and audio and it is becoming much more common to have CCTV, and private video surveillance, to include an audio stream. In-car systems may have multiple audio streams to playback sound better from different parts of the vehicle. We have been monitoring this increase in connected audio and have therefore developed several new filters specifically to assist in its management. Let us take a closer look at these and many more!

At Amped we strive to make our powerful software as user-friendly as possible. A clean and uncluttered workspace is paramount in ensuring that everything is easily made available to the user. With cases now involving multiple sources and files, we wanted to bring this approach to the History panel with the addition of Folders.

This focus allowed us to become the standard tool for forensic image and video analysis in many countries worldwide. Both private and government forensic labs in one hundred countries are using our software because, despite different legal contexts, the language of science is one and only.

However, it must be taken into account that, while we have created a workflow which tries to guide the user in a logical and scientific way, our software is, at the end, just a tool. As with any tool, it can be used incorrectly. For this reason, we strongly encourage our customers / users to attend our training sessions. Our curriculum is designed to help the user learn how to operate our tools properly within the workflow in order to avoid mistakes.

8.1.1 The method shall be validated, or any existing validation to be verified, as laid out in the Codes. The functions used in hardware and software tools where operation has an impact in obtaining results are to be validated as part of that validation of the method.

The Codes require software to be assessed for the impact on results and is documented in sufficient detail based on that assessment. In general, the validation requirement is for the overall method, rather than individual software packages and all the functions they contain.

The second stage is to prove competency in the software used. The easiest way to do this is training in that software package and identifying the limitations of that software package related to the task being performed.

Amped FIVE is the most complete image processing software specifically designed for forensic lab experts to manage the complete image and video analysis workflow, with advanced and fully customizable processes for conversion, restoration, enhancement, measurement, presentation, and reporting, all in a single tool. Amped FIVE automatically generates a customizable and detailed scientific report that can be used to support evidence that withstands the scrutiny of the courtroom. This is the software of choice for forensic labs worldwide.

Amped Authenticate is a software application for forensic image authentication, tampering detection, and camera ballistics on digital images. This product is the only image authentication software on the market that offers a complete suite of powerful tools to exploit the data behind digital images, allowing for the analysis of image integrity, authenticity, metadata, source and history, and detection of tampering prior to its use as intelligence and evidence. With a single product, several tests can be performed to determine if an image has been manipulated as well as verify if a photo was taken from a specific device.

About Amped SoftwareAmped is an award winning dynamic company specialized in developing software solutions for image and video processing for forensic and investigative applications. With strategic partners across the world, Amped strive to exceed the ever-evolving requirements and anticipate the needs of our customers. With customers in the law enforcement, military, and forensics sector, Amped has become the first choice for professionals who need to get results quickly. Amped is a partner for Milestone Systems, which is the global leader for open platform IP video surveillance camera control software.

Engineers working with the Image Processing Laboratory at the University of Trieste, Italy founded Amped in 2008. They wanted to create a one-stop shop for any image- and video-processing software product for security and law enforcement forensics. Most products available at the time were a compromise of features. They were not stand-alone programs and mostly incomplete, needing additional expensive software to accomplish even common tasks. Since nothing met their standards, they decided to create Amped Five as an uncompromising product.

There are some very capable systems available for enhancing video or photographic evidence. Note I used the term systems, as most of them require multiple software programs, multiple computers or proprietary hardware. They may also require a dedicated and degreed operator, as using that type of system is harder than Chinese arithmetic.


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