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Jack Sanders
Jack Sanders

Virtual Dj Skins Pioneer Cdj 2000 Djm 900 Nexus

were very happy to be releasing the first native native instruments traktor kontrol s2 skinswhich are designed specifically for the new kontrol s2 and pioneer cdj-2000 djm-900 nxs2 mixers. pioneer djm-900 nexus2 is the flagship model of the 2016 line of dj system controllers, featuring hard-to-find functions and midi-controls that you need in one dj system. this new model of the djm-900 nexus 2 is upgraded to the pioneer cdj-2000 nxs2 and is great for native instrument traktor users that mix on pioneer cdj-2000 nxs2 or pioneer djm-900 nxs2.

Virtual dj skins pioneer cdj 2000 djm 900 nexus

once youve attempted a few djs skins, youll be itching to hop right in and try another, as it just can be a blast to mess with the skins sounds. this pioneer cdj-2000 nexus skins pack includes 8 wicked looking skins, two for each deck! you get four for the fx decks plus four for the record decks. the skins pack includes a world rekord skin, a mixer plus record skin, a mix plus record skin, and a mixer plus fx skin, and theres also a two more skins for each deck.

there you have it! welcome to 2018 and a brand new box full of digital dj tips skins. each digital dj tips skins box contains a range of skins for a host of pioneer skins, but now this range has been widened and the range of skins now includes pioneer skin versions too!

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