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Dashmesh Public School Winter Holiday Homework

Hello Parents, In this article, we will discuss the CBSE Class 6 Holiday Homework. Many children agree that homework over the holidays really is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Upon returning from a Summer Holiday, the teachers probably have a handful of students saying the dog ate their homework or it got blown away in a winter storm. But as a parent, you need to understand that the holiday homework is a good practice for your student.

dashmesh public school winter holiday homework

I Prateek Saraswat pursuing BA.LLB(H) from GGSIPU, Delhi want to share my memorable experiences of schooling from Dashmesh public school.This is the platform in my life from where I decided about my future, regarding what I have to do in my life that will make my life meaningful.I had decided to opt for Law and to make my career in Judicial services. The process is still on but one thing which benefitted the most in my school life is that to understand and discover my skills .My teachers helped me to refine and polish my communication and skills & oratory which made me confident about my ambition. So I would like to thank Dashmesh Education Society and all the faculty members who made our school life so much joyful.

Homework is needed, and necessary for a teacher to be able to follow up with each child. The correction and feedback on homework is an important input that helps both parents and children to follow up and improve in areas which are needed. The recourse extra classes, can be reduced if the homework is used for learning improvement and acquisition of diverse skills. We are providing a handful help to solve or helping in solving the holiday homework.

The Holiday Homework 2022-23 for class 1 and Class 2 should be totally creative work only. We should prepare the homework in such a way that student enjoy the work like play. The holiday assignment for class 3, 4 and Class 5 should be totally creative work.

A class activity 'Display and explain holidays homework' was organised in Green Land Sr.Sec.Public School, Ludhiana today(6.07.22) for the students of classes VI to VIII. The students displayed their skill, creativity and showcased various projects made by them during summer break. The students presented models on digestion in Amoeba and Human beings, life cycle of Silk Moth, steps of crop production, plant cell, different parts of a plant.

National Safety Day, 2022 is celebrated on March 4 every year. The motive behind celebration of this day is to create awareness and commitment to work safely. The students of primary block of Green Land Sen. Sec. Public School spoke in school assembly about safety measures to raise public awareness of all safety principles, including road safety, workplace safety, human health safety and environmental safety.

The Principal of the school Mrs.Baldeep Pandher appreciated the students for putting their best foot forward and participating with zeal and enthusiasm. She appreciated the staff for organizing such activities to bring out the best in each child. She further told the students about the importance of public speaking.

Colourful celebrations marked the beginning of 2019 at Green Land Sr. Sec. Public School, Jalandhar Bye Pass, Ludhiana. The school was tastefully decorated with New Year banners and balloons. The students were in a jubilant mood after the winter break. A Solo Dance Competition was held on the occasion in which as many as 20 students from class VIII participated. Dressed at their best the students danced to the tunes of popular dance numbers.

The Principal Mrs. Baldeep Pandher joined the celebrations and exhorted students to thank God for a bountiful life on earth & at the same time keep alive the tradition and culture. The school campus was beautifully decorated with colourful kites. The Students relished groundnuts, puffed rice, rewris & other winter savories and had a gala time full of fun and merriment. 350c69d7ab


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